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Įdomi mintis apie projektų valdymą

“To understand control’s real role, you need to
distinguish between two drastically different kinds
of projects:

Project A will eventually cost about a million
dollars and produce value of around $1.1

Project B will eventually cost about a million
dollars and produce value of more than $50

What’ immediately apparent is that control is really
important for Project A but almost not at all
important for Project B. This leads us to the odd
conclusion that strict control is something that
matters a lot on relatively useless projects and
much less on useful projects. It suggests that the
more you focus on control, the more likely you’e
working on a project that’ striving to deliver
something of relatively minor value.”

Kas suprato apie ką čia, tiems pilnas straipsnis.

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  1. Kartais iš tiesų taip atrodo. Kuo biudžetas mažesnis, tuo daugiau visokio Š išlenda.

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